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All about MVP Air Conditioning & Heating, LLC

MVP Mechanical LLC is a leader in the Air Conditioning & Heating services market. Our primary mission is to continually exceed the expectations of our customers while improving our business; through the delivery of advanced, innovative, quality products, and industry-leading customer service.

Our company philosophy is built on a solid foundation of three essential cornerstones of success:

  • Customers
    We will always provide the highest levels of professional, effective and timely service possible, striving to exceed the expectations of our customers.
  • People
    People are our most valuable resource. They provide the intelligence, drive, and conscience of the company.
  • Products
    Products must provide innovative, advanced and affordable solutions for our customers. The performance, effectiveness and reliability of our products determine our reputation in the markets we serve.

Our Pledge

“We promise to provide you, our customer, and your home or business with absolute care professionalism and expert knowledge. We will be about timely solutions to your problems and always offer options to fit your budget.”

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When will your company arrive?
The average arrival time is 9:00a.m. Sometimes traffic can slow us down.

Can I leave to run errands or go to work?
Yes. Simply let representative from MVP Mechanical. know you are leaving and how we can reach you if necessary. If you need to leave before we arrive, provide your sales representative or our dispatcher with very explicit instructions about how we may enter your home. We need to know where to find the key, any gate codes, a security code for any home security systems, the room where a dog or cat will be kept and whether they will be caged, and any other key information.

Should I cover my carpets?
No. We will enter your home wearing shoe covers, and then place drop cloths from the entry door to all areas we intend to walk.

Will I need to clean after the installation?
No. After we install your new system, we will dispose of your old equipment, and pick up any left over material from the instalation. While we will try to get everything, there might be some residual dust from the installation for a couple of days.

Will you be loud?
Not often. Our crews will use power tools, hammers, and saws at different times during your installation. Most of the sounds come from our crew communicating with each other.

Can I run my furnace or air conditioner during the installation?
No. We will disconnect the old system within the first hour of our arrival. In most cases we can complete the instalation in one day and have your new system cooling by the end of the day.

Whom do I give the final payment?
A representative of MVP Mechanical. will have invoices and can collect the balance due. If you have financed the project, you and your sales representative should have already completed the necessary paperwork prior to the start of the job.

Will someone inspect the installation?
Yes. Your MVP Mechanical instalation supervisor will perform an inspection upon completion of the work. Any remaining questions you have about your new comfort system will be answered by the him.


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